Are you a taxi driver, who wants more orders?

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For additional orders just connect to the mobile application eTaxi24 for free!


You do not have to refuse to work with your manager. Use a mobile application for taxi eTaxi24 in your free time for extra orders!


The taxi driver, who is at closest distance to the client, gets the order. The driver chooses the zone for receiving calls himself. No queue!


To become our partner, you need only a mobile application for taxi eTaxi24, smartphone and mobile Internet. You do not need any dispatchers! Get the taxi orders via the Internet!

How to use our eTaxi24 service?

Firstly install a mobile application for the taxi eTaxi24 on your phone or tablet and get more orders. However you shouldn’t walk back from the Manager, whom you work with - our service is completely free and does not involve any restrictions in partnership with other companies. You can only fill in the profile - and you can get started.

Or if you have any troubles with Google Play (for example you smartphone or tablet can't see eTaxi24 app) please download eTaxi24 app from our site directly, but in this case you should update app manually.