• No need to call anywhere
  • Simply indicate your location
  • Confirm your order  − and a taxi will rush to you!

Choose the taxi you want based on prices or quality rating 
and order from the app, without waiting for the dispatcher.

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Book a taxi online! Just install the mobile application eTaxi24 and order a taxi any time, no matter where you are. There is no need to choose a taxi service and call them. Just select the price category. Your online taxi booking is automatically transmitted to the taxi driver, who is free and at closest distance to You. The number of taxi drivers who work with us is constantly growing and their database is updated every day. To order a taxi via the Internet is extremely convenient!

Would you like to be our taxi driver?

Then install a mobile application for the taxi eTaxi24 on your phone or tablet and get more orders. However you shouldn’t walk back from the Manager, whom You work with - our service is completely free and does not involve any restrictions in partnership with other companies. In addition, this service is completely free of charge. You can only fill in the profile - and you can get started. Taxi via the Internet – we make the future!